Floor Drains Not Draining?
Kline's Can Help!

Because the floor drain is usually the lowest drain in the house, it will usually be the first to back up if there is a main line clog. If you see water coming up through the floor drain after the toilet is flushed, most likely you have a main line clog. If flushing the toilet doesn't cause water to come up the floor drain, then try running some water in your kitchen and / or laundry drain while flushing. Of none of this causes a backup, you may have a local clog.

You can usually tell a local clog, because water only comes up when when poured directly into the floor drain. Usually a local stoppage occurs right under the floor drain strainer, at the bottom of the p-trap. Dirt and debris can collect at the bottom of the p-trap. Sometimes a wet-dry vac can be used to suck the debris out and clear the drain.

Kline's can clear the clog whatever the situation. Give us a call and we'll get your floor drain back into working order.